Feniex Web Live Fleet


The Feniex Web Live Fleet is an online solution designed to enhance fleet accountability. Fleet managers can now easily access and record activity data of their vehicles to ensure the safety of their fleet. Live Fleet is the only industry-specific fleet management system designed for first responders out on the road and the fleet managers that maintain their equipment. Through the online dashboard, fleet managers can monitor their entire fleet with live diagnostics and forecast maintenance spending. For the first time, fleet managers can message drivers directly on their installed Feniex One controllers to streamline critical issues.



  • 5 year data update rate
  • 2 year subscription commitment
  • Made in Austin, Texas, USA

Product Details:

  • Online dashboard providing live fleet activity
  • Vehicle’s percentage of tires, brake, and oil life
  • Vehicle’s current fuel level, mileage, and idling time
  • Messaging feature from online portal to a vehicle’s Feniex One
  • Vehicle’s real-time location of entire fleet
  • Live diagnostics of lights and siren
  • Live view of all active issues in fleet
  • Records fleet activity and history playback
  • Downloadable 24-hour activity log
  • Ability to filter between vehicle type
  • Indicator of collision alert
  • Status of lights active or inactive
  • Status of siren active or inactive
  • Status of engine on or off
  • Live view of vehicle speed
  • Available for any sized fleet